I don’t have a lot of fancy equipment. I don’t have a ton of time to give it what it deserves. What I do have is a passion for telling stories visually, so I taught myself how to do that. Enjoy.

The Allen Brake Team Promo

It’s easy for us to talk about why someone should use our real estate team. It’s more effective to let other people talk about why using The Allen Brake Team is a good idea.

The Allen Brake Team Updates

The Hot Seat

Created in 2022, this video series was designed to help humanize our real estate team. What happened, as well, is that it turned out to be a great bonding experience for our team.

Trivia Night Preview

In advance of our first-ever Trivia Night, I worked with a few colleagues for a fun promo video.

The Allen Brake Team Holiday Specials

Who doesn’t love a good holiday special? I love sitting down with our team and talking with them about special days. It helps the whole “humanize the staff” thing!

The Allen Brake Team Events

The Allen Brake Team Contests

When you pay for a billboard, don’t just rely on people who drive by it. Promo it and create a contest around it so people make it a destination!

John On Camera – The Allen Brake Team

I much prefer being behind the camera, but I’ve worked hard to get better at being on-camera and still doing all the producing and editing. Simple, effective videos. Never let “perfect” get in the way of “gettin’ it done.”

The Hot Seat

One of the strategies we are using in 2021 to help us attract new patients is “Humanize Hospital Staff.” We want our patient families and potential patient families to see our doctors, yes, as the experts they are, but also as approachable people who work in collaboration with them to achieve amazing results for their kids. So I developed the strategy for a series of videos called “The Hot Seat,” did the interviews (getting better now that I’ve got better equipment!), then produced and edited each segment. More will be available in the playlist here.

Ashleigh’s Story

Ashleigh was a patient at the St. Louis Shriners Hospital for most of her childhood. Here, she found comfort … and met a very special person who helped shape her future. Watch this and then visit here.

Talking with Dr. Gordon

I sat down with Dr. Gordon to talk with him about a variety of topics. During the course of the interview, he gave me this little gem that I turned into a video.

Clubfoot Education Series

Our hospital had a problem to solve: Our physicians were doing amazing surgeries to help kids with clubfoot, but the follow-through by parents that is necessary for the progress to stick wasn’t happening. I interviewed a few of our doctors and turned those talks into a 14-part clubfoot education series aimed at bolstering parent participation in the rehab process.

Catching Up With Mia

Mia is a former patient who is incredibly media savvy. She is our 2021 national patient ambassador. Here, I wanted to take her celebrity status and turn it into sign-ups for our new event!

International Outreach

Our work with international patients is amazing. One of the physicians who spearheads our overseas efforts asked if I would make a video that shows the impact we have. Kevon’s story is inspiring.

Who is Brody’s Hero?

Brody was asked to do a school assignment about who his hero is. He wrote an essay saying that we were his hero. So I reached out to his mom to ask her if he would record himself reading the essay. Then I turned it into this video. And I wanted to have some fun, so I put what’s at the end.

Merry Christmas

A Christmas eCard I made for our supporters and social media.

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