The Crazy Life

With Queso Fresco Conseco

Hey folks! It’s good old Q.F. Conseco here. Actually, it’s not. It’s my Missouri relative, John Agliata, typing this. I don’t use technology. I write things by hand and mail them using the tried-and-true U.S. Postal Service to John, who types them in for me and puts them out on this thing he calls a blog because he says I am an interesting person with an interesting take on life. You be the judge of that.

The Hum is Real

Top 5 Things You’ll Learn If You Read This Whole Thing. The world outside the commune is loud. My wife does not like to be awoken early. What I’m hearing isn’t imaginary. A scary amount of people think there are aliens inside the earth. Librarians are good people. Horton heard a who. However, I hearContinue reading “The Hum is Real”

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