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One Hundred Intentions for 2022

Circles are interesting things. They have no beginning and no end. They just keep going around and around and around. And yet we set Jan. 1 as the day to mark the start of our journey around the sun, a journey we measure so incredibly poorly that we have to add an entire extra day once every four years. If we decided the new year began on, say, March 28, we’d still complete the same revolution around our life-supporting star in the same amount of time. But doing that would just be weird. So I lookContinue reading “One Hundred Intentions for 2022”

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The Ultramarathon Man

As Zach prepares for his first ultramarathon, he sometimes finds himself 20 miles into a training run deep in the Redwood Forest with tears streaming down his blond-bearded face. It’s not pain from the grueling run or sadness from a sometimes difficult past that brings them. They are tears of appreciation that he, born without…

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John Agliata, Storyteller-in-Chief

John Agliata is an experienced multimedia storyteller, author, father and husband.

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