Side Gig Alert! Bright Village Early Learning

The connections of life that come back around sometimes amaze me. I recently reached out to my network and let some folks know I’m open for side gigs. One person I heard from was the mother of the first child I did a story on during my time at Shriners Children’s. ‘“The Other Side ofContinue reading “Side Gig Alert! Bright Village Early Learning”

Shriners at the Raceway

One of the new events I’ve helped create is at the World Wide Technology Raceway. Shriners will be working the event and donating their earnings to the hospital. We’re expecting $15,000 in new revenue. I made a flyer to hand out at our Stroll into Summer Virtual Walk grand finale, “Father’s Day at the FinishContinue reading “Shriners at the Raceway”

Why Send Your Patient to Us?

The business of attracting new patients has been challenging during the pandemic. The business development team, which would ordinarily be meeting face-to-face with physicians and physicians assistants, has been unable to travel. So I’ve set out to help them in any way possible. One of those ways is to provide a clear, concise, informative flyerContinue reading “Why Send Your Patient to Us?”

Screening Clinic Flyer

Our hospital was founded by the fine-Fezzed folks known as Shriners. One of the things they do is hold screening clinics to help identify kids we might be able to treat. Our Business Development team and I worked on standardizing what they look like so we didn’t continue to create different versions for different temples.Continue reading “Screening Clinic Flyer”

Fractures/Sports Medicine Flyer

Our Business Development team came to me to discuss creating a flyer to give to pediatricians, school nurses and others who might see a child with a fracture or sports injury. One of the myths about our hospital is that we treat only rare, complex cases. Yes, we treat those and do it amazingly well.Continue reading “Fractures/Sports Medicine Flyer”