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The John Agliata Experience

All of these things are true about me except one. Correctly pick the lie and email me your guess using the contact form at the bottom of the page. Get it right on your first guess and you win a prize. It’s that simple.

I once saw Patrick Ewing in nothing box his jock strap and knee pads.

I once was almost hit by a golf cart driven by Billy Joel.

I once got a concussion, indirectly, from singing.

I once played in a basketball game on the losing side of a 135-3 blowout.

I once won the fielding award at the Rich Martin All-Star Baseball Camp.

I was born in Denver. Colorado.

I got a D in a class called “Music Appreciation.”

A pigeon pooped on my head in Rome, Italy.

I have a blood disorder called thalassemia.

I once got a coffee bean stuck up my nose.

I am the author of three books.

I interviewed former baseball player Wayne Tolleson in the tunnel leading to the Yankees dugout.

I shook hands with Bill Clinton.

I have driven a Ferrari on a race track.

I spent part of a week in the Costa Rican jungle.

As a child, I got lost in Busch Gardens.

I once checked out groceries for actress Glenn Close.

My first car was a Chevy Beretta

In first grade, a girl paid my 25 cents a day to be able to play with my hair.

In high school, I bred hamsters to sell their babies to pet shops.

I did worse on my SATs than I did on my PSATs.

As an adult, I have lived in Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Ohio again, Minnesota, Missouri, Florida and Missouri again.

I once was almost arrested for stealing my own car.

I broke my foot once when an arcade game’s coinbox fell on it.

I’ve had Lyme Disease.

I’ve had mono.

I once hosted a child from Africa for six months while he received medical treatment here.

I was knocked unconscious in the middle of a basketball game.

I umpired a baseball game for Michael Douglas’s kid.

I’ve been to Alaska.

I’ve been to Croatia.

I no longer have a gall bladder.

As of late 2021, we live in my wife’s childhood home.

I’m afraid of heights.

I was once yelled at by Jose Canseco’s brother, Ozzie.

As of late 2021, I have six tattoos.