John Agliata


Hi. My name is John, and I tell stories. I’ve told stories ever since I was a little boy. Those were often called “lies,” but I consider them the first sprouts from the fertile ground of a developing imagination. Now I get paid to tell stories. Currently, I craft the stories of the patients and physicians at Shriners Hospitals for Children — St. Louis.

Oh, The Stories I Have Told
My Life in Writing

Ya Pay Peanuts, Ya Get Monkeys
Commentary on the Modern Workplace


Need some stories told? Have some work that needs to be edited? Need a logo or flyer to promote something somewhere somehow? Want a video to celebrate a special occasion?

I’m your huckleberry.

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‘I’m Dreaming for a Living’
Cinematics: Movin’ Pictures

‘Design is Intelligence Made Visible’
Graphic Content Ahead

‘It’s One Person Coming In From China’
Longhauler: A COVID Diary

‘Are You Ready?’
The Host Kid Chronicles

‘There’s a Piece of a Puzzle Known as Life’
Daily Reflections

‘A Reader Lives a Thousand Lives’
Books & Short Stories

Otras Voces

Friends and Family

Abby Is Wrong
A Lesson in Correcting Improper Advice
By Lucy Robertson-Rosenblatt

Painting of Q.F. by his wife, Flaca, circa 2019

The Crazy Life
With Q. F. Conseco

By B. Goode

Taking Solace
The Episodic Adventures of a Middle-Aged Mom

Screw Dat!
With ‘Pissed Off’ Paulie Magnotti

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