Ya know all those annoying emails in your inbox? Yeah, you’re welcome. I have done a variety of email marketing over the years. Right now, I’m having fun with two, trying to build separate voices for the different audiences while cutting through the clutter to get people to actually read what I’m doing.

Stuffing Your Inbox With Goodness

The Insider

“At some point, they’ll tell me to stop.” This was my philosophy when I took over the employee newsletter and began to have fun! I created this whole persona called “El Gran Presidente de El Insider,” started a mock war with the Information Technology department and generally tried to push the envelope as far as was reasonable without the humor getting in the way what the newsletter was supposed to impart. This extremely purposeful tactic is designed to get people caring about what happens inside here and wanting to read about it. So far, so good! (And I’m still waiting for someone to tell me to stop. Any day now…)

The Scoop

I took over an eNewsletter called “The Good News” that went to the Shriners and others who support us. It came out whenever there was time. It was kind of… random. So I changed the name to “The Scoop” and started sending it out regularly… first, twice a month and now, weekly. The mission is simple: I want people who support our hospital to know what’s going on here and be proud to share the information with others. What this newsletter shows is the range of voices I can write in, especially when compared to “The Insider.”