Top 3 Things to Learn When You Test Drive a Home

Another example of taking a blog and turning it into an easy-to-digest flyer for our agents to use when they’re talking with clients.

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Is The Housing Market About To Crash?

So I wrote this big investigation, data-driven piece about what’s going to happen in the housing market. Then I wanted to turn it into an easily digestible flyer. PLUS, I wanted to give our CEO a chance to show his expertise. I hope that happened with this.

Side Gig Alert! Bright Village Early Learning

The connections of life that come back around sometimes amaze me. I recently reached out to my network and let some folks know I’m open for side gigs. One person I heard from was the mother of the first child I did a story on during my time at Shriners Children’s. ‘”The Other Side of…

Top 5 Costly Home-Buying Mistakes to Avoid

Write the blog, make the flyer. Presenting the same information to people with different preferences in how they consume media is important. I love that we showed the mistake AND provided the solution.

Let’s Get You Home

I wanted to create a customizable flyer for those who are confident about selling their homes in this market but who then have concerns about how they’re going to find something to buy. This is our differentiating piece on how we’re going to do more than the other guy out there to find you a…

How to Choose the Right Realtor

It’s amazing how many people don’t take the time to interview potential Realtor candidates (sheepishly raising my hand here). This is designed to guide people along the steps of some questions to ask to find the best Realtor to represent them.

Introducing The Allen Brake Team

Our team didn’t have any sort of introductory piece when I started, so I created this tri-fold brochure. The first page is the front, back and inside flap. The second page is the inside. I think it does the job of letting people know who we are and what we’re all about.

Want to Sell Your Home in Spring?

Just me doing my thing with design. Heard about how people who want to sell in spring need to start during the winter, so I did this whole timeline thing to showcase it.

Shriners at the Raceway

One of the new events I’ve helped create is at the World Wide Technology Raceway. Shriners will be working the event and donating their earnings to the hospital. We’re expecting $15,000 in new revenue. I made a flyer to hand out at our Stroll into Summer Virtual Walk grand finale, “Father’s Day at the Finish…

Mutt Strutt

So my son Jonah wanted to start a dog-walking business. It pays to have a dad who’s into marketing and can do some graphic design work. I also created a website for him. And I didn’t even ask him for a cut of future profits. Because, ya know, I’m a good dad.

Kansas Shrine Bowl Program Ads

We support the Kansas Shrine Bowl, an annual high school all-star football game. As part of our support, we are able to put two full-page ads in the game’s program. The goal for these ads was to raise awareness of our hospital so people will think of us if their child or the child of…

Why Send Your Patient to Us?

The business of attracting new patients has been challenging during the pandemic. The business development team, which would ordinarily be meeting face-to-face with physicians and physicians assistants, has been unable to travel. So I’ve set out to help them in any way possible. One of those ways is to provide a clear, concise, informative flyer…

Screening Clinic Flyer

Our hospital was founded by the fine-Fezzed folks known as Shriners. One of the things they do is hold screening clinics to help identify kids we might be able to treat. Our Business Development team and I worked on standardizing what they look like so we didn’t continue to create different versions for different temples.…

Fractures/Sports Medicine Flyer

Our Business Development team came to me to discuss creating a flyer to give to pediatricians, school nurses and others who might see a child with a fracture or sports injury. One of the myths about our hospital is that we treat only rare, complex cases. Yes, we treat those and do it amazingly well.…

Patient Stories

Our Donor Development team came to me with a project: “Let’s take some of the patient stories you’ve written and turn them into an oversized postcard to be included in a new-donor packet of information. Our kids make this job too easy sometimes!

Capital Equipment Flyer

Our Donor Development team asked me to make them a flyer to send to select donors for some big-ticket items here at the hospital. Using a “Top 3” thing appeals to modern sensibilities. And Camille is such an amazing kid with an electric smile.

Kansas Shrine Bowl

Our hospital plays a big role in the Kansas Shrine Bowl, an annual high school football game. I was asked to come up with a story and do a flyer for a promotional packet that the Shrine Bowl sends out to potential donors. In the process, I got to meet an incredible young man named…

Clubfoot Flyer

This flyer took awhile to come together. My first design was approved, but when the project landed back in my lap to change some of the copy, I really wasn’t wild about how it looked. So I completely changed it and added a back page. The flyer was sent to pediatricians to give to parents…

Early Diagnosis Flyer

I have been there: Sitting in a doctor’s office with my wife, confronted by news that there was something wrong with our developing baby. Sometimes you’re able to bring your experiences to bear when you’re doing design and copywriting.

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