Top 5 Ways Buyers Can Win in a Sellers Market

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If the past year has taught the real estate world anything, it’s that it’s actually possible to see dollar signs in people’s eyes. 

With a bounty of buyers looking to land their dream homes and a historical shortage of houses on the market, home prices have boomed in the past year. Tell a person who has owned her home more than a few years what it’s worth now compared to what she paid for it, and those dollar signs pop right up – before transforming into images of beach vacations, sports cars or spa weekends. 

It’s what happens next, though, that is an unwelcomed dose of harsh reality: Sure, most people who have owned their home for a while could sell it today for significantly more than they paid for it – but then where are they going to move? The same sellers market that is turning houses into big profits scares off many from actually listing their homes. 

How do you win in a situation like this? How can you sell high and find something reasonable – or find something at all – to settle into for the next stage of your life? 

It’s possible, and the first place to start is by finding a highly skilled real estate team to work with you to create a winning strategy. Specifically, here are the top 5 things a top real estate team can do for you that your average single agent or new-in-the game rookie can’t:

No. 1: Canvas the neighborhood

Top real estate teams do more than just sell your home and leave you floundering out there trying to figure out what comes next. They plan from the start to coordinate as closely as possible the timing of your sale with a purchase of a new home that meets your needs. The first step in that experience is working with you to identify neighborhoods in which you’d like to live and calling or visiting everyone in and around those areas to let them know what their homes might be worth if they decided to sell. 

It’s amazing how some people who otherwise wouldn’t have considered listing their homes raise their hand when they get a phone call or a visit and hear how much they could sell it for to a ready-and-willing buyer. 

The Allen Brake Team does this for those who list their homes for sale with us. 

No. 2: Reach out and find someone

Phone calls and door-knocks aren’t the only way a top real-estate team will help find your new dream home. The best teams have a dedicated marketing team that uses a data-driven approach to target those neighborhoods you’re looking at via social media and other digital formats. They make these folks aware that an eager buyer exists and for what they might be able to sell their homes. 

The truth is, the average agent does not know how to use social media effectively to target the right people at the right time to give you the best chance of finding someone willing to sell you their home. 

The Allen Brake Team has a dedicated marketing team with experience and expertise in using social media to match buyers with sellers. 

No. 3: Activate the network

The best real estate teams have the best network of colleagues to reach out to and spark interest among their clients.

The real estate world is extremely connected. The biggest and best teams have grown to that status by being effective in creating meaningful relationships, both with past clients and other agents. 

What you should expect of your real estate team is that it will let your buying needs be known to everyone with whom they have a relationship. If you don’t ask, you won’t know who might be willing to sell when they’re educated on the market and what selling their home could bring.

The Allen Brake Team has a network of more than 12,000 contacts, including more than 400 in the St. Louis region from the international powerhouse real estate company Keller Williams alone, who will hear about what you’re looking for as a buyer.  

No. 4: Over-communication! 

Knowledge is power, and the best real estate teams make sure you have all the information you need to be an educated buyer. What exactly does that look like? 

Your real estate team should work with you to coordinate a schedule of open houses for you to attend every weekend. It should provide you with daily and weekly updates on market statistics and what homes matching your interests are new on the market. And it should be using its network of contacts to deliver you information about homes not even on the market yet to give you a leg up on the competition. 

The Allen Brake Team does all of that (and more) for those who sell their homes with us to make sure our clients are in the best position to make educated decisions on buying their next home. 

No. 5: Learn from recent experience

What worked to win a house for a buyer in a competitive market last year is not the same thing as what will work to win a house for a buyer in a competitive market this year. The best real estate teams will offer you a look behind the curtain, so to speak, to see what offers that are winning sellers’ attention right now look like. Then they’ll work with you to creatively craft even more attractive offers to beat the competition. . 

But they won’t go too far and do something that leads to problems on the road to closing. Unscrupulous agents will say and do a lot of things that might be attractive to sellers but that won’t hold up when it comes time to complete the deal. For example, in most situations, if an agent is saying an offer $90,000 above list price is the way to go, that offer won’t hold up when an appraiser comes and says the home isn’t worth that much. What happens then? The deal is dead and you’re back at the starting line, looking for a home again. 

The Allen Brake Team shares with its buyers a spreadsheet that details all situations in which a seller has received multiple offers and then works with its clients to develop attractive, ethical offers to be ultra-competitive in a highly charged market. 


Buying a home in a sellers market doesn’t have to be intimidating. When you work with a top real estate team, you have advantages over those who choose less experienced, smaller teams or single agents. The Allen Brake Team brings the combined experience of its entire team to each real estate transaction and then offers you the exclusive Calm & Confident Home Sales Experience.

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