One Hundred Intentions for 2022

Circles are interesting things. They have no beginning and no end. They just keep going around and around and around.

And yet we set Jan. 1 as the day to mark the start of our journey around the sun, a journey we measure so incredibly poorly that we have to add an entire extra day once every four years. If we decided the new year began on, say, March 28, we’d still complete the same revolution around our life-supporting star in the same amount of time. But doing that would just be weird.

So I look to Jan. 1 and say, “There’s some stuff I want to get done during this next orbit, and if we’re going to declare that a circle has a start and an end, well, Jan. 1 is as good a day as any other to kick off this journey.”

Below are my intentions for 2022. I go into this knowing full well I likely won’t get all 100 things done … and that I’ll do quite a few things not on this list. There also are a few things at the end of the list that even I — a guy who lives his life very publicly — am not willing to share. You’ll just have to trust me when I tell you I either did or didn’t do them.

If you had to categorize my list, I’d say it breaks down into roughly six themes.

  1. Stuff I want to do.
  2. Stuff I want to experience.
  3. Ways I’m going to take care of myself.
  4. Career and financial aspirations.
  5. Home stuff.
  6. Stretch goals.

Some of these goals scare the crap out of me. The thought of actually doing improv is so far out of my comfort zone I can’t even see it.

Some of these goals make me smile, like the thought of getting an autograph from Jennifer Lawrence that says, “I like John better than you, Josh.”

Many of these goals, like the JLaw one, won’t make sense to the average reader right now. That’s OK. I’ll explain some of them as I go along.

What does success look like for me with this list? It’s not checking off a certain number or any specific number. In truth, I’m not sure exactly what success looks like. Perhaps it’s just being around at the end of the revolution around the sun to take a look back at the list. “These Unprecedented Times” have taught us life is extremely fragile and can be snuffed out by an unseen enemy coming from a bat in China.

But I think perhaps success the ability to look back at the list in last December 2022 and be able to say, “2022 mattered.

Without further ado…

In 2022, I Will …

  1. Go on 52 dates with CC.
    1. West Side Story
    2. St. Louis Ambush
    3. Chez Ali’
    4. Lindenwood hockey
    5. Fight Club
    6. Bowling
    7. Valentine’s Day Dinner
    8. Snow tubing
    9. Tim Allen comedy
    10. Ikea
    11. Seven
    12. Iowa Wild hockey game
    13. Drake hockey practice
    14. The Batman
  2. Go to a Yankees/Cardinals game.
    1. Tickets purchased for Aug. 3
  3. Go to a minor league baseball game.
  4. Rent a sports car or muscle car for a day.
  5. Go to a concert.
    1. Tickets purchased for Alice in Chains in September!
    2. Gin Blossoms in November.
    3. Shinedown in September!
    4. Pearl Jam in September!
    5. Jewel, Train and Blues Traveler in July!
  6. Play cornhole.
  7. Play washers.
  8. Play lawn golf.
  9. Go to a boxing match.
  10. Go on a family scavenger hunt.
  11. See license plates from all 50 states.
    1. Missouri
    2. Iowa
    3. New Mexico
    4. Nebraska
    5. Oklahoma
    6. Indiana
    7. Arkansas
    8. Colorado
    9. Michigan
    10. North Carolina
    11. Tennessee
    12. Illinois
    13. Kentucky
    14. Mississippi
    15. Oregon
    16. California
    17. Maine
    18. Texas
    19. Florida
    20. Pennsylvania
    21. Montana
    22. Minnesota
    23. Ohio
    24. Georgia
    25. Wisconsin
    26. Delaware
    27. Virginia
    28. Massachusetts
    29. Alabama
    30. Washington
    31. South Dakota
    32. Arizona
    33. New Jersey
    34. Maryland
    35. South Carolina
    36. Kansas
    37. Louisiana
    38. Alaska
    39. New York
    40. New Hampshire
    41. Utah
    42. North Dakota
    43. Wyoming
    44. Idaho
  12. Get a new tattoo.
  13. Dress as Slash for Halloween.
  14. Go skiing.
  15. Scooter through STL.
  16. Go to Ikea.
    1. Went for Date #10, see List Item #1!
  17. Go to five thrift/second-hand stores.
    1. Goodwill Store in O’Fallon
  18. Go to a museum.
  19. Discover a new park.
  20. Attend a stand-up comedy event.
    1. Tickets purchased for March!
    2. Saw Tim Allen on Date #9, in March.
    3. Tickets purchased for Sebastian Maniscalco
  21. Go to dinner with a friend.
  22. Bet at least $50 on a sports contest.
    1. Bet and lost on Canelo Alvarez, 5/7
  23. Go to a WLW wrestling event.
    1. Went in April!
  24. Start a collection of something.
    1. Started a CD collection!
  25. Go on a float trip with CC.
  26. Walk around an old cemetery.
  27. Go on a C4 float trip.
  28. Take Joey fishing.
  29. Cook something authentic from another country.
  30. Get Uber Eats delivered
    1. BWW on 2/25
  31. Eat in three new restaurants.
    1. Chez Ali’
    2. Rosie’s Cafe
    3. Splash
  32. Cook a complicated meal with CC.
  33. Take Jonah on an overnight trip.
  34. Go on a long-weekend writer’s retreat.
  35. Have a weekend planning/dreaming retreat with CC.
  36. Read five books.
    1. Blaze, by Stephen King
    2. Heavier Than Heaven, A Biography of Kurt Cobain
    3. Klara and the Sun
    4. The Institution, by Stephen King
  37. Play D&D three out of every four times the party plays.
    1. January: Four out of four
    2. February: Every week the party played, I played.
    3. March: Played every week the party played
    4. April: Played every week the party was played
  38. Get a box of good cigars.
    1. Macanudos aren’t the best cigars, but their good and relatively affordable and, most importantly for this, they’re purchased and in my humidor in April.
  39. Take enough photos to have a photo of the week for 52 weeks.
  40. Get a bottle of bourbon that’s on the “best of 2021” or “2022” list.
  41. Grow something edible.
  42. Create a college football bowl pool with a traveling trophy.
  43. Start the Waffle House Fantasy Baseball League.
    1. Created it once the lockout was settled … draft set for April 2.
    2. The league has begun!
  44. Grow the house sale money.
    1. Invested it Jan. 1.
    2. Invested more of it on March 11.
  45. Refer a real estate client to our team and have their house sold.
  46. Buy something to make working from home better/more comfortable.
  47. Pick up a freelance marketing side gig.
    1. I have two right now that I think will actually work out!
    2. Regular writing gig for Northwestern University
    1. Done! 2/22/22
  48. Update my website monthly with my latest work.
    1. January – Done
    2. February – Done
    3. March – Massive update done
  49. Buy crypto.
  50. Learn Adobe Illustrator better.
  51. Get new pants that fit now that I’ve lost weight.
    1. Ordered from Indochino!
    2. Just notified they’ve been shipped (2/24)
    3. Arrived in March! Ordered a third pair.
    4. By third pair appears to be stuck on a dock in China. Not sure if they were trying to smuggle heroin in the lining or something.
  52. Sell or give away 100 copies of my books.
  53. Get at least two professional beard trims/head shaves.
  54. Get a monthly massage.
    1. January 30!
    2. Feb. 26
    3. March 20
    4. April 10
    5. May 1
  55. Do a float every quarter.
    1. Scheduled for the end of February, but canceled because of snow.
    2. Scheduled for March!
    3. March 18!
    4. April 21
  56. Stay off all non-work social media for a week.
  57. Get a new, longer yoga mat.
  58. Go to restorative yoga 52 times.
    1. January 31
    2. Feb. 7
    3. Feb. 21
    4. Feb. 28
    5. March 10
    6. March 13
    7. March 19
    8. March 24
    9. March 31
    10. April 14
    11. April 21
    12. May 7
  59. Meditate daily, a minimum of five minutes.
    1. Finally started doing this in March!
  60. Keep my new healthy eating habits and maintain my weight.
    1. Late-Feb. update … still in my target range!
    2. May update: Still in my target range
  61. Host a monthly movie night.
    1. January: Created, no RSVP’s, Covid canceled it.
    2. February: Created, no RSVP’s and no one showed up to watch Casablanca. I’ll keep trying, but this shows how pitiful my in-person life is outside of my home.
    3. March event scheduled! A League of Their Own
    4. Stopped after March for lack of interest.
  62. Do a daily digital detox from 7 to 9 p.m.
  63. Do a weekly digital detox 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. every Saturday or Sunday.
  64. Get into and stay in the 99th percentile on Lumosity.
  65. Take care of a pet.
    1. So, I, like, actually got a dog to take care of.
  66. Write down my top 5 accomplishments from each month.
  67. Don’t hit my medical deductible.
  68. Figure out and remember my blood type.
  69. Update my will.
  70. Create and keep bags in my car to the help the homeless.
  71. Donate or throw away at least 20 things.
  72. Give someone an anonymous gift each month.
    1. January: Done! (college friend)
    2. February: Done! (middle school teacher)
    3. March – Done! (friend who supported us through Jacob’s life)
  73. Create a screened-in-porch oasis.
    1. Started in March. Almost done!
    2. Done in April!
  74. Create with Jonah his new bedroom.
    1. Stuff is ordered, and two walls are painted!
    2. Late Feb. update — most stuff has arrived (except the bed!), and the other two walls are painted!
    3. March update: Everything has been put together — except the bed, which disappeared into an Amazon black hole but that has been re-ordered and is supposed to arrive soon.
    4. Done! 3/19!
  75. Complete a new home repair project.
    1. I somehow figured out how to fix the furnace filter thingy.
  76. Create a baseball card wall in my office.
  77. Tell Alana Gwinner’s story.
  78. Write, edit and complete a short story (1 of 3)
  79. Write, edit and complete a short story (2 of 3)
  80. Write, edit and complete a short story (3 of 3)
  81. Edit/rewrite my Popcorn Whipstein book.
  82. Start compiling “QF and the Compound Kids” into a book.
  83. Write my obituary.
    1. Late Feb: update First draft is written. Gotta edit it
  84. Try to get something I write/wrote published.
  85. Continue to blog regularly.
  86. Create a 2022 memories journal of ticket stubs, etc.
  87. Write a letter to 60-year-old me to be opened on that birthday.
  88. Watch season 5 of Better Call Saul.
    1. Started watching it 2/19/22
    2. Finished 2/25
  89. Watch the rest of The Walking Dead.
    1. Watching the second section of the three-section final season in April.
  90. Watch a classic film from the 1940s, 1950s or 1960s.
    1. Casablanca on 2/5
  91. Watch the John Wick movies.
  92. Get a personalized Jennifer Lawrence autograph and stick it to Josh.
  93. Take an improv class.
  98. Make an anniversary video for CC.
    1. Made this to celebrate.
  99. Rent a Jeep for CC to drive for a day.
    1. Rented one for our 25th anniversary trip.
  100. Plan/go on a 25th anniversary trip.
    1. Planned and went to Iowa to return to where we met.

So there you have it … one hundred intentions for the year we’re going to call twenty-twenty-two. Time to get crackin’. Updates to follow…

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