Technology Sucks — Oct. 18, 2021

Human beings of the modern age like to think of themselves as the pinnacle of all creation. Of course, this is not necessarily new to the modern age. It wasn’t all that long ago that some of the brightest minds of their modern age — guys like Sir Isaac Newton — thought women got pregnant from microscopic water creatures, and. no, I’m not making that up.

These days, what with our fancy-shmancy smart phones, sorta-kinda-self-driving vehicles and knowledge of sperm and eggs, we consider the great minds of the past to be buffoons and our technological advancements to be the shit. And they are pretty cool.

But then there’s this: I spent the better part of a seven-and-a-half hours today trying to get photos from a digital camera onto my laptop. I am not a dumb man. I understand technology. It’s just that the technology wouldn’t work. And when it finally did work, it took the extra step of sending the photos from camera to phone to computer.

Lest you think we don’t have anything left to accomplish before we finally manage to blow up this rock on which we’re spinning around.

Speaking of which …

The ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Say It’ of the Day

‘ We have no idea how they did this.’

An anonymous U.S. intelligence official, speaking of the ‘well would you look at that’ surprise the Chinese pulled by launching a heretofore unknown hypersonic missile.

Ballistic missiles are cool because they travel really, really fast. Hypersonic missiles are a little slower, but the sender can maneuver them during flight like a golf ball on Golden Tee and theoretically evade any U.S. missile defense shield.

Said the TMZ-run website The War Zone, this means the Chinese could “execute a nuclear strike on any target on earth with near-impunity and very little warning,”

Wasps Behaving Oddly

I’m not a big fan of wasps. This is not a revolutionary position to take. Even those folks who yell at you for saying you don’t like bees because bees are evidently the lynchpin on which the survival of humanity rests say they don’t like wasps.

We’ve got wasps. Lots of them. And they’re on the screened-in back deck of my country oasis. Tonight, we brought our dinner plates out for our nightly meal and, tucked high up against the roof, there was a dark blob of huddled wasps doing absolutely nothing other than standing there.

I’m not sure where these wasps came from. I’m not sure what they want. But as soon as Wifey Poo brings me home a few cans of wasp killer tomorrow, their days of leisurely hanging out on my deck are over. Stay tuned.

Today’s Reasons to Keep Living

  1. I finally have the damn photos and video clips I need to make my video off the camera and on my computer.
  2. The wasps must pay.
  3. I’m in love with this cooler weather.

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