Even a Bald Man Needs a Barbershop — Oct. 17, 2021

Being a bald man, I don’t have many reasons to be in a barbershop. And I miss barbershops. They are one of the few remaining oases for guys, and barbershop talk is fun. I took Boy The Younger to have his mop managed Saturday morning. Boy The Elder found Walt’s Barbershop a few years ago. Jaime (pronounce it as you would if you were Hispanic) is a great dude and an amazing barber. While I was there, I watched as Walt himself gave a fellow soldier in the Bald Man’s Army a head shave and a beard trim. “Hmmm,” thought I. “That would be nice.” Hot face towel, straight razor shave around my beard, I could go for that.

I have an appointment with Jaime for Nov. 20.

I Daffy-Ducked Myself

For years and years and years, I laughed my little-kid ass off when Daffy Duck or some other cartoon or sitcom character would do this ☝️. Saturday I learned it’s not so funny when you do it to yourself. I was walking away from my super-mega-awesome burn pile and stepped on the tines of a hidden-from-me rake. It snapped up and smashed me hard on the left elbow. It’s impossible not to feel like the dumbest person on the planet when you do something like that.

The ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Say It’ of the Day

‘I think the Russians felt they’d got pretty good value out of Donald Trump when he was President.’

Christopher Steele, former british intelligence officer who wrote the dossier on the former president’s exploit in russia, on why the russians have yet to release the tape they allegedly have of him with prostitutes while in the motherland.

FallFest, Now With Goats!

Today was the first event I planned as part of my new job with The Allen Brake Real Estate Team. It went great. It was the largest-attended event in the team’s history, with more than 175 people coming out on a gorgeous fall afternoon. The event was held at Thies Farms, which pops up right in the middle of the city. That’s pretty cool. We had free pumpkins, a free beer tasting with 4 Hands Brewing Company, and free admission to PumpkinLand, which, unbeknownst to me until today, had goats. To get a handshake from Big Bossman for an event-well-planned made me happy.

Today’s Reasons to Keep Living

  1. The sizzle when you put a good steak on a hot grill.
  2. Mums.
  3. Netflix-and-chill with Wifey Poo at the end of a long day.

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