An All-Sports Weekend – Oct. 3, 2021

I once played in a baseball game in which it was raining so hard that, when I picked up a ball stuck in the mud in the middle of a puddle in a centerfield that resembled a shallow lake, it felt like I was throwing a shot-put to the second baseman 15 feet away. Today, the Cardinals-Cubs game I was at was called in the eighth inning because it sprinkled for a bit. Or because the Cards were anxious to get to the postseason while the Cubs were itching to slink back to Chi-town with a meaningless 3-2 victory.

One Stinky Step

If only I had “Step on a squashed armadillo road pizza because I was looking at my phone to move a ticket to the Mizzou game to my Apple Wallet while walking to the stadium” on my Great Bucket List For Life, I would have been able to check a box this weekend. Damn the missed opportunity!

You Call That Defense?

I have never seen a defense as spectacularly bad at stopping the run as the Missouri Tigers were Saturday vs. the Tennessee Volunteers. And I’ve been a Jets fan for decades. The final tally was 458 rushing yards for the men in orange, which is more than a quarter mile of dominance. Mizzou defenders were nothing more than inconvenient speed bumps and those annoying bugs that splat on your windshield and leave streaks if you try to wash them away with your wipers.

The ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Say It’ of the Day

‘He looked like a missile flying in there.’

Aaron Boone, on Gio Urshela’s amazing catch in the sixth inning

Today’s Reasons to Keep Living

  1. The Yankees play the Red Sox in a winner-take-all Wild Card game Tuesday, and I have to stay alive long enough to see Sawx fans cry.
  2. Boy The Younger has a baseball game Wednesday and can’t possibly lose as bad as he did last week, a 17-1 affair in which 30 batters came to the plate in the 17-run first inning.
  3. The Jets will look to extend their winning streak to two next week, and the potential for back-to-back wins isn’t something that happens often for Gang Green fans.

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