So. Damn. Tired — Sept. 28, 2021

Life sucks when you’re tired. I know this. I’ve lived this. A lot of people like to say they have insomnia. I used to say I had insomnia. Then I actually got insomnia. There’s a difference between a few nights of poor sleep and insomnia. Which isn’t to diminish a few nights of poor sleep. As I just said, life sucks when you’re tired.

Insomnia, though, is much, much worse. Along with my oh-so-fun bout with COVID and its just-won’t-leave cousin, Longhaul COVID came prolonged periods of really, really bad sleep. I had no trouble going to sleep. Staying asleep? Ahhh, yes. My eyes would open at 3 a.m., maybe 4 a.m., and be wide. freaking. awake. For several months, I would get maybe four or five hours of poor-quality sleep a night. Eventually, I sought help, and after a whole bunch of changes and a diagnoses of two-count-em-two kinds of sleep apnea, I now sleep six or seven quality hours most nights.

Not last night. I went to bed at around 11 and woke up at 2. I might have fallen back asleep for a few minutes, but I was out of bed at 4 and feeling generally miserable.

Like I said, life sucks when you’re tired.

The ‘Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Say It’ of the Day

‘Please enter your credit card number, one digit at a time.’

Auto attendant, St. Luke’s Hospital

All I was trying to do was give them my money. In my quest to be debt-free, I was paying my last remaining medical bill. First off, if you’re going to have an auto attendant, it better damn well be smarter than a human and make the transaction easier than it would be if your customers were talking to an actual person. Otherwise, you deserve the customer satisfaction scores you get. Second, don’t have your auto attendant say stupid things. As far as I know, there’s no other way to enter any number into a phone except one digit at a time, though it would be fun if you could some how dump all the numbers in at once and scream, “There! You sort it out!”

Spending Others’ Money

There’s a difference between spending your employer’s money when you work for a big corporation and spending your employer’s money when you work for a small business. I have worked for companies with international reach. And now I’m working for a locally focused family business in which I am one of 20 employees. Today, I went over the advertising strategy I developed to help grow Big Bossman’s business. It’s not cheap but it will work. Still, it’s not my money I’m suggesting we spend. It was great to have Big Bossman, our Chief Growth Officer (who also doubles as Big Bossman’s wife) and Bosswoman in the room to lay out the plan and have them carefully consider it. In the end, we made a few tweaks, but they loved the plan, loved the strategy behind it, and we’re moving forward.

Today’s Reasons to Keep Living

  1. I will sleep better tonight than last night.
  2. I’m looking forward to the weekend at Mizzou with Boy The Elder.
  3. Wifey Poo and I have a date Sunday afternoon to see the red-hot Cardinals’ last regular season game of the year.

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