Lefty-Loosey, My Ass – Aug. 15, 2021

Perspective Matters

I don’t know exactly when I learned it or from whom, but I’ve held “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey” as a Truth-capital-T for a long, long time. Today I learned it’s a matter of perspective.

Yesterday, I bragged about how I have become Mr. Fix-It. Today, the God of Home Improvement (Tim Allen?) smacked me in the face as punishment for my hubris. Let’s just say the Great Fridge Swap did not go according to plan or timeline, and I am just now (6:20 p.m.) starting to relax in the aftermath of a project that began at 8 a.m.

It all started to go south when I tried to disconnect the water line from the fridge in our new place. No matter how hard I cranked on that wrench, the nut wouldn’t give way. I even stopped and did the whole righty-tighty thing in my head. It was only after the pipe got damaged that Boy the Elder, who learned the lesson I’m about to share the hard way about a month ago, went rogue and did righty-loosey.


I was thinking about this as I drove to return the U-Haul that was our getaway vehicle in the Great Fridge Swap. Righty-tighty can actually be lefty-loosey if you’re on the other side of the nut. It’s just that, in this particular instance, you would have to be inside the guts of the fridge to have that perspective.

Forgive me for not thinking of it sooner.

Electrician Pitches a No-No

Tyler Gilbert didn’t even pitch last year. With the pandemic-shortened 2020 Major League Baseball season and the cancellation of the Minor Leagues, he didn’t have a place to play.

Last night, in his first Major League start, he threw a no-hitter against a pretty substantial San Diego Padres lineup that admittedly was missing Fernando Tatis Jr. I watched the last inning on my phone from the porch of our new house. There’s something so refreshing about a no-hitter celebration. All these mega-millionaire athletes just become kids again.

A Win for the GOAT’s Grandson

After watching Gilbert’s no-no, I tuned into Top Rank Boxing on ESPN+ and watched Nico Ali Walsh, grandson of Muhammad Ali, win his first professional fight. The guy he fought was 4-1 with two KOs, but he’d never had a match outside the state of South Carolina, which isn’t exactly a boxing hotbed. Ali Walsh knocked him down with a crushing right in the first minute of the fight (trust me, watch the clip below) and finished him off before the round ended. I hope the kid (he’s 21) does well, but man I can’t imagine being a boxer in The Champ’s lineage.

‘Don’t Blame Me, I Didn’t Say It’ of the Day

‘Whatever you’re doing, give it 100 percent. Unless you’re donating blood.’

Bill Murray

New Job News

I start my new job tomorrow! I’ll be marketing director for The Allen Brake Team of Keller Williams Realty. This opportunity is simply amazing, and I’m anxious (and nervous) to get started.

Today’s Reason to Keep Living

Today was, in a word, challenging. Old Me would have been out of control in anger and a wreck in the aftermath. Tonight, New Me is seeing the blessings. My family fired on all cylinders today. The Core Four, as I like to call us, were outstanding. Everyone contributed to helping us overcome numerous hurdles. My boys worked together with grace and kindness. Wifey-Poo was her typical amazing and (generally) composed self. When we’re like this, we’re a team no one can beat.

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