‘You’re Weird Dad’ – Aug. 12, 2021

He Got the Shot

I took Boy the Younger to get his first COVID vaccine today. He’s 12. I consider this the socially responsible thing to do, and, after struggling for months now with Longhaul COVID, I’m really not all that open to hearing the other side of the vaccine debate. I’ve made up my mind. You’re not going to change it, and I’m going to judge you for doing the wrong thing.

Anywho, Boy the Younger was brave. When the woman stuck the needle in his arm, his eyes got real wide, so I started doing weird hand motions and making odd sounds. He started smiling and asked what exactly I was doing. I didn’t stop until the vaccine was fully delivered.

“You’re weird, Dad,” he said. “What was that all about?”

“I was distracting you, son. That’s a Dad’s job. Someday, you’ll understand.”

There Are Good People Out There

A guy drove 45 minutes to our soon-to-be new house to pick up a couch and recliner my mother-in-law (and time and style) left behind. He told me he needed it because he and his wife just took in their niece and nephew, whose mom fell into drugs. It’s nice to meet good people who don’t just pray about it.

Texting Dad

Boy the Elder went go-kart racing with his friends today. Not the cheesy kind of go-karts. The kind that go 55 mph and could kill you. He texted me a chart of how his lap times improved during the race. I think it’s cool that, at 19, he still likes to share that stuff with his old man.

If You Build It …

As soon as I’m done talking to New Therapist, I’m going to watch the Field of Dreams game — Yankees vs. White Sox from Dyersville, Iowa and the site of the movie by the same name. I love that movie and have seen it in its entirety at least two dozen times. I’ve been to the field two or three times, none more memorable than when I went with my parents. It wasn’t what happened there. It was what happened after. They drove home to South Carolina. I went to St. Louis to try to win back the woman who is now my wife.

“Ease his pain” indeed.

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